Dry January with Zero Alcohol

A new chapter has been opened at Lark. I decided to taste test and hand select a variety of Zero Alcohol beverages in my store. Unfortunately, I don’t offer these online, however I can curate a Zero Alcohol box just for you or someone that you care about. The photo in this blog post is […]

Lark Trading Company – Purveyors of Fine Home Goods opens in Santa Ynez

Lark Trading Company by Marilyn McMahon May 18, 2021 0 comment   Purveyors of Fine Goods opens in Santa Ynez COURTESY PHOTOS “I have collected unique finds from my travels around the world,” said Starr Hall, owner of the Lark Trading Company — Purveyor of Fine Home Goods, which opened recently in Santa Ynez.   Lark Trading Company, […]

Be Kind Leather

I only curate and carry vegan leather products or sustainable, cruelty-free. I have pieces from Amsterdam to Australia. England to the USA. Quality, beauty and whoa, what an experience each piece is or can be.  -Starr

Art Elevates Life

Art elevates life. It changes moods, conversations. Art is truly human. I have curated art both locally and on a global level. I have collected mirrors, special statues, art and decor for the past 20 years. I want to share the beauty of art with my patrons by bringing my collection into my Lark Trading […]

See The Good

I somehow always choose to see the good in all that I do, in the people I meet, the places I go, items I gather, and in the experiences and memories that I make. I must be onto something since there are so many similar thoughts on the internet. “When you see the good in […]